I have a problem on board?

Most crossings go without a hitch, but as with any form of transport, there can be problems on rare occasions.

If you have a problem with cabins, food, etc, this will usually be dealt with by the Purser’s department. They will be responsible for ensuring the ships onboard services are working as well as they can. Report the problem to the main reception, or Purser’s office.

If you have a problem with damage to your vehicle, then this will usually be dealt with by the officer in charge of loading / unloading the vessel. You should report damage to the officer before moving off the vessel. If you do not, then the damage may be seen as possibly happening whilst off the vessel and no longer the operator’s responsibility. You will usually receive some written form outlining the damage and will be asked to sign that you agree with this.

It is best to try to resolve problems on board the vessel where possible. If you report problems afterwards, then you may find resolving the problem more difficult.